Duck Hunting
$100 per person
3 person maximum
From legal shooting time until 9:00 am

Your mixed bag will consist of Bluewing Teal, Greenwing Teal, Florida Mottled Duck, Ringnecks and a few others.

The following licenses are required:
Small Game Hunting License
Florida Water Fowl Permit
Resident Migratory Bird Permit
Federal Duck Stamp

For more licensing information visit
Gator Hunting
Clients tags and licenses $900.00
This is a guide fee

One night of alligator hunting for two persons.  Includes all equipment, transportation by boat and two guides. To participate, one hunter must be a licensed trapper and one must be his agent. The client will be responsible for all licensing, tags, processing and transportation of the alligators.  All guided hunts are on #601(Lake Okeechobee West), and #604 (Lake Okeechobee South).

To apply for your alligator permits, or for more licensing information, please visit